From June to August begins the Garúa season in The Galapagos Islands, the weather is dry-cool with occasional drizzle…the Humboldt current brings more nutrients to the ocean therefore the dolphins and whales migrate and you will see they jumping around your cruise. The marine life is very active although you have to wear wetsuit; this is the best time for snorkeling and swimming with penguins, sea lions, marine turtles and a variety of fishes.

This season is one of the most touristic of the year, and we have a great deal for your group or solo traveler, with 20% discount in all of our cruises (south, north and west), along the June, July and August months.

Weather: From 26C | 79F to 19C | 66F
Water – Ocean: From 23C | 73F to 21C | 71F


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JUNE: In June the weather in Galapagos is tepid; it is also the best of the year because of the balance between cooler temperatures and relatively clear sunny skies.

June is a busy month for migrant species both in the sea and the sky. Groups of humpback whales arrive from the south, following the Humboldt Current and many birds begin to migrate like: Red-footed boobies, masked boobies, magnificent and great frigate birds, Flightless Cormorants, Penguins and Greater Flamingoes, that you will able to see during our cruises specially in our Northern Loop.

In Española Island, the fourth day visit, in a Southern Loop, you will see the beginning of the albatross nesting, minding their eggs, alternating the female and the male parents the incubation duties twenty three days each one.

JULY: In July the rain decrease and the weather temperature is cooler, if you are sensitive to very hot temperature this month is good for your trip, a long sleeve shirt or jacket is recommended for land excursions.

This is the vacation time for Ecuador Mainland; therefore we recommend booking your cruise with some months in advance. It’s the perfect season for snorkeling lovers because of the variety of species that you will see, due the Humboldt Current brings to the south micronutrients to the sea to feed the species.

With the M/S Encantada, during the Southern Loop, the snorkeling site at Kicker Rock is fantastic place for swimming between the rocks, where are you certainly will see marine turtles, rays, sharks and colorful fishes; Concha de Perla at Puerto Villamil, and Bartholomew Island in the Western Loop, where you will see many sea lions and penguins also.

In our Western Loop, during this month, you will have the unique chance to find a big colony of frigate birds in North Seymour Island which nest there in July. The Galapagos penguins are nesting too only in Isabela and Fernandina Island, you will meet them in the volcanic rocks areas.


AUGUST: Although the weather is cold in this month the dolphins and whales are swimming in the sea, therefore you will have the chance to take beautiful photos of them jumping, very close to the M/S Encantada; we recommend the Western Loop to see them. Also the Blue-footed Boobies and Red-footed Boobies are nesting; and the Blue footed make their natural dance in front a female for the courtship display. Also they are great hunters, making huge dives to the ocean from the sky, to take the fishes, and feeding to their young brood. In this month the sea lions in Isabela (the youngest and biggest island, located in the west) begin to birth, so it’s a great opportunity to see the sea lion babies.

The giant Galapagos tortoise, endemic specie and the biggest of the world, nest their eggs in the wild, migrating from the highlands to the sandy zones. During our Western Loop you will visit the Breeding Center where young tortoises are kept safe for the reinsertion in the nature.

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