Get a ride in Isabela with our minimum 4 Day-Suggested Galapagos Tour. Stay at The Wooden House Lodge while you enjoy all the wonders of this pristine island.

Visit Concha de Perla, Tintoreras Islet, Tuneles | Cape Rose and let us assist you during your transfers to and from the airport.

$ 950

(Minimum 2 guest per booking)

Ecuadorian TAX IVA 12% not included


Day 1:

Arrive at Baltra / Transfer to Isabela Island

You can arrive to the Galapagos only by flight, and from either Quito or Guayaquil (air ticket not included). Our English speaking guide will be waiting for you at the airport in Baltra, who will then take you to the port of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) for lunch.

Afterwards, we will take the Public speedboat to Isabela (14:00), which lasts approximately two and a half hours. After arriving at Isabela, we will take a brief rest at the hotel. You will take eat dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: Wooden House.

Meals: Lunch + Dinner

Day 2:

Isabela Island: Snorkel Day Tour to Cape Rose Tunnels / Biking Time

Early in the morning (8:00 am), after breakfast, we will prepare ourselves for a Snorkeling Daily Tour to:

Cape Rose -Tunnels; this site is located 40 minutes by boat southwest of Puerto Villamil – Galapagos. The sighting of birds and marine animals from the lava platform is one of the most important attractions. While snorkeling at this site, experience encloses encounters with many species of fish, ray, golden rays, sea turtles, penguins and sea lions. You will enjoy a delicious box lunch on board.

During the rest of this day you will be able to rent Bicycles. We suggest visiting the Breeding Center of the Giant Tortoises and the Humid Lands on your own.

Return to the hotel to rest before heading to dinner.

Accommodation: Wooden House.

Meals: Breakfast + Boxlunch + Dinner

Day 3:

Isabela Island: Sierra Negra Volcano & Chico Volcano – Tintoreras Islet

Early in the morning (8:00 am approx.), after breakfast, we will prepare ourselves for the Sierra Negra Volcano, the biggest Volcanoe in the Galapagos islandshike by putting on comfortable walking shoes, possibly a rain jacket, and making sure our cameras are stored in waterproof bags. We will also need to bring sunscreen, water, hats, and our box lunch that is prepared at the hotel. We will then travel approximately 45 minutes by truck or bus to begin the 12 km hike (approx. 3 hours). The hike is long, but not very difficult as the inclines and declines are quite gradual. Chico Volcano before heading back, which should provide a spectacular view of the incredible moonlike terrain.

Afterwards we will prepare ourselves for the visit to Tintoreras Islet. We will make our way to the dock of Puerto Villamil in order to embark on small speedboats that have a capacity of 12 passengers each. After a short ride (approx. 20 min.) we will arrive at Tintoreras Islet. The name of the islet derives from the sharks that live in the waters surrounding the islet that have white-tipped fins, which are known as “Tintoreras”. The islet is one of the most fascinating places on Isabela Island and also in all of the Galapagos. In this one area we can see sea lions, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, sea turtles, pelicans, and Galapagos Penguins. As the island is one of the main breeding sites for the marine iguanas, it is an excellent place to see numerous amounts of these creatures close-up. After the hike through the islet, we will get back on the boat and cool off by snorkeling in the waters nearby, where we can see multicolor fish, starfish, sea-urchins, and with luck manta rays, sharks, and sea lions that may swim closely with us. After this fascinating experience we will return to the hotel to rest until dinner.

Accommodation: Wooden House.

Meals: Breakfast + Boxlunch + Dinner

Day 4:

Transfer from Isabela Island to Santa Cruz Island / Transfer Out.

We have to wake up very early in the morning, because Isabela is one of the farthest islands in Galapagos. So At 5:00 a.m. we will prepare ourselves to go to the dock (wake-up at 4:30 AM). We will take the public speedboat, which leaves at 6:00 a.m. (subject to change), From Isabela to Puerto Ayora (2 hour and a half estimated travel time).

Upon arrival, a driver will be waiting for you to transfer from Puerto Ayora to Baltra Airport, where you will catch your return flight to either Quito or Guayaquil.

Depending on the time of the flights, we may be able to visit two sunken “holes”, similar to craters, known as “Los Gemelos”. (For this reason we recommend booking your return flight for the afternoon). These craters were formed by the collapse of the earth beneath which lava had passed and created giant tunnels, which facilitated the collapse and creation of the craters.

Meals: Breakfast


  • Accommodation in double occupancy.
  • All meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner).
  • All land and sea transportation within the Galapagos during the program.
  • Bilingual naturalist guides for each island and all activities.
  • Excursions and visits during the program.
  • Snorkeling Equipment (mask, fins, tube).
  • Transfer Puerto Ayora – Isabela – Puerto Ayora by Public speedboat.
  • Transfer Baltra – Puerto Ayora – Baltra (by truck or by bus depending on group size).

Not Included:

  • Air Ticket.
  • Single supplement.
  • Ecuadorian Tax 14% IVA
  • Galapagos National Park Entry Fee – $100.00 US pp.
  • Isabela Dock Fee – $5.00 US pp.
  • Migratory Control Card – $10.00 US.
  • Water taxi from dock to speedboat (Isabela, Santa Cruz Islands – depending on the tide) – $ 1.00 US per person per ride.
  • Soft-drinks and alcoholic beverages.

HOTEL SELECTION: The above itinerary is based both operation and hosting services in our hotel The Wooden House in Isabela Island. In the other Islands we work with the same range/ level of hotels.

You can always choose the class of hotels that you would prefer. We will indicate in advance which hotels are available for the dates of your trip and the extra charges. Hotels are categorized in the following classes: Tourist Superior Class, and First Class.

All hotels that we work with are carefully chosen by us after close inspection.

AIRFARE NOT INCLUDED: The price of the tour does not include air tickets. We can help with booking your ticket, or you may book your own flights on your own. PLEASE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT which island you will arrive and leave from, and if you choose to book your own flight please try to book your arrival in the morning (before 11am) and your departure in the afternoon (11am or after) so that you will not miss any part of the tour. You can book your flight through either TAME, AEROGAL, LAN.

RESTAURANTS: We utilize local restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which also depend on the category of hotel that is chosen, as not all hotels have restaurant services. Meals are served in the fashion of the local customs as “meal of the day “options.

GUIDES: We use local and different guides for each island you visit or sometime a guide that specializes in specific activities. The guides will accompany you throughout all excursions and visits, give explanations and education on their knowledge of the islands, flora, and fauna, and coordinate the activities each day. In reference to lunch and dinner, the guide will only indicate the restaurant selected but we will not stay with you during this time. Distances are short in the Galapagos, and as the inhabited settlements have few residents they are very safe to walk around any time of day with normal precaution. The Guide activities start and end with the excursions.The guide will not go with you on the speedboats transfer either.

LUNCH AND DINNER: Consist of the meal of the day (not a la carte). If you would prefer a la carte style meals they can be made available for an extra charge. Please let us know before booking your tour. Description: B = Breakfast / L= Lunch / BXL = Box Lunch / D = Dinner

PUBLIC SPEEDBOATS: We recommend that before beginning the ride between islands that you take a seasickness pill if you are sensitive to sea-sickness. It is also recommended that you carry on small plastic bags in case of seasickness. The speedboats are not completely covered so please make sure that valuables and electronics, or anything that you do not wish to get wet, is stored in a plastic bag. The guide will not go with you on the speedboats but a new guide will greet you on the other side. There are no services onboard the speedboat as space is limited and the journey is relatively short. A water taxi ride is sometimes required (depending on the tide) from the dock to the speedboat, the cost is 1 USD per person and per ride. Please, make sure you bring cash in small denominations in case this expense is needed.

SCHEDULE OF EXCURSIONS: The schedule of the excursions will be coordinated and determined locally through the guide and those responsible for the operations. The guide will indicate what time each activity will start. The transfers between islands on the public speedboats are the only activities that have fixed departure times.