What does it mean to travel and be part of an Island Hopping Tour in Galapagos?

The Island Hopping Tours or Land Base Circuits is a new way to visit Galapagos. Before the only way to visit the islands was on board of a cruise ship, which so far has specific schedules, itineraries, activities and long sailings during the evenings and nights. In fact, It is like a hotel in the sea that takes you every day to a different island. This type of circuit is an excellent idea if you have a good budget and short time.

Not less than 15 years ago, in order to boost the economy and the new locals initiatives in the four ports inhabited of the Galapagos -San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Floreana & Isabela- was born the base hotel circuits or as we locally call them Island Hopping Tours. Over the years as local operators we have specialized in the creation and organization of the Island Hopping Tours in the islands.

Based on our direct experience with customers we realize that our Island Hopping tours have had and are successful thanks to:


Definitely the flexibility and freedom of our Island Hopping Tours are the decisive factor. The Island Hopping tours that we display on our website are just an example or suggestion of Itineraries, which means that they can be modified every time possible until we find your ideal holidays with specific activities such as: scuba diving, snorkeling, Trekking, kayaking, different hotel types, specialized guides, days at leisure, etc.

Our Island Hopping Tours have evolved and now we are proud to have consolidated locally our team that has the capacity and enough tools to offer tailor-made circuits.

Over the years we have seen more and more customers with special needs like: Families traveling with kids, honeymoon couples seeking privacy and tranquility, or customers who enjoy knowing new cultures through local people … Precisely this is another reason why people prefer an Island Hopping tour:


In Galapagos there are not only beautiful beaches, landscapes and exotic animals … in Galapagos there are very friendly people -who even without speaking your language- make efforts to make you feel at home.

As operators we always encourage you to have within our Island Hopping Tour one or several days (according to your time) free to explore and discover what our people and our food have for you. It is important to know that Galapagos is the Safest province in Ecuador.


Finally and no less important is the budget. Our Island HoppinG Tours have been designed by local people, who know the best services and best prices.

Depending on the length of your tour, kind of services, lodging and excursions our tailor made Island Hopping tour of 10-day/9-night can be much cheaper than a 4-day/3-night Cruising tour.

Doubts?? No worries you have a team at your disposal ready to help you designing your Galapagos Holidays.


Isabela, from sand to volcanoes

4 Days | 3 Nights

Get a ride in Isabela with our minimum 4 Day-Suggested Island Hopping Galapagos Tour. Stay at The Wooden House Lodge while you enjoy all the wonders of this pristine island. Visit Concha de Perla, Tintoreras Islet, Tuneles | Cape Rose and let us assist you during your transfers from/to the airport.

the wooden house lodge, isla isabela, galapagos, ecuador

5 Days
= 3 Islands

5 Days | 4 Nights

Take a boat ride and enjoy a Minicruise Galapagos Tour. Visit the main places of Santa Cruz, Bartholomew and Isabela with this Island Hopping Galapagos Tour. Charles Darwin Station, Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz + Concha de Perla, Tintoreras Islet, South Plaza and Santa fe Island.


Darwin´s Voyage

6 Days | 5 Nights

Explore in 6 Days the most representative Galapagos islands by Land and Sea. In this diverse Island Hopping Galapagos Itinerary we give you Assistance from San Cristobal Airport, in 6 days you may view Blue footed, Nazca Boobies, and will snorkel with sharks. You will also visit the Charles Darwin Station in Santa Cruz surf and snorkel in Tortuga bay.


Santa Cruz & Isabela Complete

6 Days | 5 Nights

Combine 3 days minicruise around Santa Cruz main islets with a ride in Isabela. Take a minicruise by Santa Fe, South Plazas, Bartholomew, and North Seymour. Then stay 2 days in Isabela and snorkel in: Cape Rose – Tunnels. Also hike to Sierra Negra and Chico Volcano; enjoy this Island Hopping Galapagos Tour.


Isabela Tour – The Beauty of Isabela

Our shared Isabela tour has been thought to give you the opportunity to share a fantastique experience in the Galapagos Islands along with others adventurers looking for the same goal: an enjoyable and high quality tour services.


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• Minimun 2 pax for tour. • Island Hopping Tours from $950 USD.